With the COVID-19 outbreak, last week over half worldwide population was lockdown in their homes. How is this impacting in the Freight Forwarding Industry? Not so bad…Freight Forwarding can be easily performed at home as it is in company’s premises by doing some small changes. Here’s our 5 tips to improve your efficiency by working from home in the Covid-19 outbreak:

1) Create a dedicated workspace: don’t just take your laptop or tablet on your legs while working on the sofa, you need to create a workspace as similar as possible of that of your office to create continuity!

2) Dedicate fixed time to home working: in order to distinguish time span, you need to give fixed time on the job tasks, since you are home you can work as much as you want, the most important is having this work 110% effective!

3) Turn off the TV: the job you are doing requires concentration wherever you do this, better having earphones with relaxing on your phone, interrupting automatically in case of phone calls from your contacts!

4) Make pauses to increase the efficiency: work from home may be more stressful than work from office, therefore making pauses frequently may help to reduce the stress!

5) STAY AWAY FROM THE FRIDGE! Don’t fall in temptations, those chocolates are not available in your office, eat it when work is done!

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